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Admissions Representative

Marketing – Lakewood, Colorado
Department Marketing
Employment Type Full Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

Mission: The Admissions Representative works with other treatment centers, referral sources, potential clients and their families to ensure a seamless transition into AspenRidge programming. The A.R. remains available to referral sources and families from the first phone call through the clinical intake into AspenRidge. Provides information, referrals, screening and when appropriate intervention and admissions services. Completes other job duties as assigned by the Admissions Director. The Admissions Rep. is knowledgeable of all aspects of AspenRidge and their primary goal is to make the person on the other end of the phone feel heard and cared about inevitably leading to the individual admitting to AspenRidge or another facility recommended based upon the individuals unique needs with a goal of bettering their overall quality of life.


  • Uses professional conduct and communication styles when speaking with potential clients, their families, as well as referral sources, both in person and on the phone
  •  Return all phone calls missed as soon as possible
  • Answers all phone calls from referral sources, future clients, and their families promptly and communicates with them regarding admissions (when appropriate). When admission is not appropriate or feasible for the individual, the Admissions Representative provides referrals that meet the need of the caller or referred individual.
  • Maintains information for all potential referral sources so as to guide those not appropriate or feasible for the organization, to other locations to receive help.
  • Has a keen understanding of the program at AspenRidge including the services provided, program and clinician specific specialties, difference between different facilities within the organization and tracks within each facility. Able to appropriately place a client in a specific facility and program track (i.e. community outpatient 5-day IOP versus in-house PHP).
  • Ensures new clients are an appropriate fit for AspenRidge Recovery by completing a pre-screen assessment of the client and communicate that information to the appropriate AspenRidge Staff. Understands all elements of the pre-screen assessment fully.

 The full time Admissions Representative has aggressive, achievable goals within the Admissions   Department to meet:

  1. The Admissions Representative has a goal of bringing in 252 qualified prospective clients annually, an average of 21 per month contributing heavily to the overall departmental goal of 384 admissions annually, an overall average of 32 per month.
  2. The Admissions Representative will help contribute to an average daily attendance of 53 clients or more between ARR and ARN
  3. The Admissions Representative will help contribute to an average daily census of 85 clients or more
  4. The Admissions Representative will help contribute to an average extended care stay of 70 days or greater, an evening IOP stay of 90 days or greater and an overall AMA rate of less than 20% by ensuring prospective clients are an appropriate fit for AR services
  5. The Admissions Representative will effectively participate in strategic planning centered on improving admissions and the referral process
  6. Manages information regarding potential clients and referral sources. Shares that information with the Admissions Director and the Senior Outreach Manager
  7. Is aware of a referral sources needs and contributes to bettering admissions and outreach processes with this knowledge
  8. The Admissions Representative is aware of the immediacy needed by our referral sources and makes sure needs are met, when they are not met the Admissions Rep will communicate that with the Admissions Director and Senior Outreach manager to improve the relationship moving forward
  9. The Admissions Representative will work interdepartmentally ensure a seemless transition into AR   programming
  10. Coordinates with Admissions Director and Billing Director for financial considerations with new   clients and their families
  11. Coordinates with Clinical Director on complex cases as directed by Admissions Director
  12. Coordinates with Medical Coordinator on individuals medical/detox needs

Core capabilities and experience desired for this specific role: 

  • Exceedingly high attention to detail
  • Excellent initiative and very resourceful in creating ways to complete the task at hand
  • Strong and clear communication skills with all teammates
  • Punctual with meetings and project timelines

 Alignment with AspenRidge culture:

  • Compassionate
  • Collaborative
  • Honest
  • Innovative
  • Resilient
  • Reliable
  • Mission-driven
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